Here are the channel numbers for each service. Just punch these numbers into your remote control to get viewing!

You can watch these channels with the Sky Entertainment Extra Pack.

  • Nickelodeon 604
  • Nickelodeon HD 632
  • Nickelodeon +1 620
  • Nicktoons 605
  • Nick Jr. 606
  • Nick Jr. +1 630
  • Nick Jr. Too 615

  • You can watch Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and Nick Jr if you have the 'Large' Package from Virgin Media. To watch Nick Jr.+1, Nickelodeon HD and Nick Jr. Too you need to upgrade to the ‘XL’ package.

  • Nickelodeon 712
  • Nickelodeon +1 713
  • Nicktoons 717
  • Nick Jr. 715
  • NickJr 2 716

  • On TalkTalk you can get these channels with the Kids Boost Package.

  • Nickelodeon 558
  • Nicktoons 560
  • Nick Jr. 559

  • Available to all TalkTalk subscribers:

    Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. is also available on Talk Talk’s new YouView service. Both Nick and Nick Jr. have On Demand services on Talk Talk.

    You can also get episodes of your favourite shows from one of our other programme providers, BT and iTunes.

    On BT you can get these channels with BT Kids.

  • Nickelodeon 548
  • Nicktoons 547
  • Nick Jr. 545
  • Nick Jr. Too 546

  • Our channels can also be accessed via a NOW TV box.

    In the Republic of Ireland you can watch us on Virgin Media Ireland and Eircom or you can contact your TV provider directly to find out how you can watch the Nickelodeon channels and programmes.