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Wednesday 22 October
ON NOW 11:00pm Drake and Josh Dr. Phyllis: Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyllis Show and relive some of their craziest moments. [subtitles] More Drake and Josh ON NEXT 11:30pm Drake and Josh Megan's Revenge: When Drake & Josh have an accident with Megan's hamster, they know that revenge is coming - they just don't know when, or from where! [subtitles] More Drake and Josh 3:00am Peppa Pig George's Friend: George makes friends with Richard Rabbit at the playground. More Peppa Pig 3:05am Peppa Pig Mr. Scarecrow: Peppa and George help Grandpa Pig build a scarecrow. More Peppa Pig 3:10am Peppa Pig Windy Autumn Day: Peppa discovers that even "boring, dry leaves" can be fun when you jump up and down in them! More Peppa Pig 3:15am Peppa Pig The Time Capsule: Peppa and her friends make a time capsule and bury it in the school garden. More Peppa Pig 3:20am Peppa Pig Rock Pools: Peppa and George learn there's lots of fun to be had at the beach, even when there's no sand. More Peppa Pig 3:25am Peppa Pig Recycling: Peppa and her family have a fun day out at the Recycling Centre. More Peppa Pig 3:30am Peppa Pig Mr Dinosaur is Lost: George is upset when he loses his favourite toy, Mr Dinosaur. Peppa becomes a detective to track it down. [subtitles] More Peppa Pig 3:35am Peppa Pig The Boat Pond: Peppa and her friends play with their toy boats at the pond. More Peppa Pig 3:40am Peppa Pig The Traffic Jam: Peppa and George are going to Granny and Grandpa's for Sunday lunch, but get stuck in a traffic jam. More Peppa Pig 3:45am Peppa Pig Best Friend: Peppa loves playing doctors and nurses with her best friend, Suzy Sheep, and George loves being the patient! [subtitles] More Peppa Pig 3:50am Peppa Pig Bedtime: Peppa and George have one more game of jumping up and down in muddy puddles before bedtime. More Peppa Pig 3:55am Peppa Pig Sports Day: It's Sports Day at school, and Peppa and George have lots of fun competing in all the races. More Peppa Pig 4:00am Peppa Pig Polly Parrot: Granny and Grandpa Pig have a new pet parrot, Polly. Peppa and George teach Polly how to grunt like a noisy little piggy. [subtitles] More Peppa Pig 4:10am Genie in the House Girl Band: Emma is desperate to enter a talent contest and persuades Sophie to be her partner. But Sophie is shy, and when Emma wishes she had more confidence, Adil grants her wish! [subtitles] More Genie in the House 4:30am Genie in the House Daddy Cool: Emma and Sophie wish their dad was more mellow, so that he'll let them have a party, but Adil goes a bit too far and turns Philip into a hippy! [subtitles] More Genie in the House 4:55am Rugrats In 'Incredible Shrinking Babies' Chuckie has a nightmare and in 'Miss Manners' Angelica graduates from charm school and her new manners are put to the test. [subtitles] More Rugrats 5:30am Rugrats The babies decide they want to be in a rock band in 'Famous Babies' and Tommy feels left out when everyone else is getting attention so he pretends to be sick in 'Dose of Dil'. [subtitles] More Rugrats