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ON NOW 2:30pm iCarly iBloop: The cast introduces exclusive, never-before-seen bloopers, outtakes and mistakes from behind the scenes at iCarly. [subtitles] More iCarly ON NEXT 3:00pm Victorious Tori Fixes Beck & Jade: Beck wants to ask a girl out but is worried about Jade, so Tori and Andre get Jade a date too. Robbie tries to help Cat with a butterfly that is stuck in her ear. [subtitles] More Victorious 3:30pm iCarly iGo One Direction: When Carly gets sick, she passes the lurgy onto Harry from pop group One Direction. Feeling guilty, she looks after him a bit too well, and the band plot to replace him! [subtitles] More iCarly 4:00pm iCarly: iGoodbye iGoodbye - Part 1: When Spencer gets sick with a fever on a big night for Carly, he tries to hide his illness from her. Sam restores a motorcycle and Freddie gets an embarrassing new phone. [subtitles] More iCarly: iGoodbye 4:30pm iCarly: iGoodbye iGoodbye - Part 2: Carly is ready to accept not going to the dance, when someone shows up to take her. Her night takes another unexpected turn when she is asked a life-changing question. [subtitles] More iCarly: iGoodbye 5:00pm Sam & Cat Revenge Of The Brit Brats: Gwen and Ruby return and, while pretending to be friendly, drive a wedge between Sam and Cat. When Sam and Cat catch on, they turn the tables on the con artists. [subtitles] More Sam & Cat 5:30pm The Thundermans Weekend Guest: Phoebe volunteers to take the class Venus Fly Trap home for the weekend, but when Max performs an experiment on it, the plant just keeps growing and growing! [subtitles] More The Thundermans 6:00pm The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Sisters: Frankie can't wait for "Crazy Cakes Day" with big sister Taylor. Unfortunately, Taylor has other plans, so Frankie concocts a scheme that might make Taylor suddenly free. [subtitles] More The Haunted Hathaways 6:30pm Nicky Deuce The comfortable life of a shy kid from the suburbs is about to become the adventure of a lifetime! Starring James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Noah Munck, Tony Sirico, and Steve Scirripa. [subtitles] More Nicky Deuce 8:00pm iCarly iHurt Lewbert: A "Messing With Lewbert" sketch goes wrong, injuring Carly's obnoxious doorman. When romance blossoms between Lewbert and Mrs. Benson, the gang tries to put a stop to it. [subtitles] More iCarly 8:30pm The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Cookie Jar: Frankie and Miles accidentally break Michelle's brand new cookie jar, and they jump through hoops in order to get the perfect replacement before she finds out. [subtitles] More The Haunted Hathaways 9:00pm The Greenhouse The Da Vinci Code: The Eagles bring an unusual guest to their clubhouse - a pet. Sophie faces her first challenge as house leader. Natalie gets some unexpected help from Dina. (Episode 13) More The Greenhouse 9:30pm Victorious The Wood: The kids are excited to hear that they'll be the stars of a new reality TV show. Meanwhile, Trina and Robbie must work at The Grub Truck when Festus is injured. [subtitles] More Victorious 10:00pm SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick is thrilled when he gets an award in the post, but sadly it was meant for SpongeBob in "Big Pink Loser", and then in "Bubble Buddy", SpongeBob makes himself a new friend. [subtitles] More SpongeBob SquarePants 10:30pm SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob must deal with some dangerous pirate pie bombs in "Dying For Pie", then in "Imitation Krabs", Plankton builds a fake Mr Krabs to get the secret Krabby Patty recipe. [subtitles] More SpongeBob SquarePants 11:00pm SpongeBob SquarePants Sandy is out of town for a few days so SpongeBob and Patrick are pet sitting for her in "Wormy", and then in "Patty Hype", SpongeBob invents a brand new culinary sensation! [subtitles] More SpongeBob SquarePants 11:30pm SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob wonders if he can be grown up and still kiss his Granny in "Grandma's Kisses", and then in "Squidville", Squidward moves away - but surely he's not missing SpongeBob? [subtitles] More SpongeBob SquarePants 3:00am Renford Rejects All In The Mind: Using her psychology training, Robin tries to give the Rejects a positive mental attitude to help them win some matches. [subtitles] More Renford Rejects 3:25am Summer in Transylvania I Dated A Teenage Vampire: Max is a bad, bad boy and very annoying. Cute, but annoying! Can Summer fix him, or is it true that a leopard never changes his spots - or a vampire his teeth? [subtitles] More Summer in Transylvania 3:45am Genie in the House Gnome Sweet Gnome: Emma wants money for a new pair of shoes, and decides to have a yard sale. Philip has a crush on the woman at the garden centre, but Adil accidentally turns him into a garden gnome. [subtitles] More Genie in the House 4:10am Genie in the House Do You Want To Dance?: Emma is chosen to represent her dance class in a TV contest. But Philip likes her dance teacher and wants to dance too. [subtitles] More Genie in the House 4:35am House of Anubis House of Help: Victor's sight returns in time for him to find an important passage on the Mask of Anubis. Jerome goes to visit his Dad - but he finds that Poppy has beaten him to it! [subtitles] More House of Anubis 4:50am House of Anubis House of Phobias: Amber tries to rescue Alfie from the crawl tunnel. She fails and Fabian has to save the day. Later Amber and Alfie break up. Victor spots the amulet around Amber's neck. [subtitles] More House of Anubis 5:00am Planet Sheen Sheen uses his master detective skills to find Nesmith's missing hat in 'He Went Hataway', and then in 'Tongue Tied'... Well, we'll let you guess what happens for yourselves! [subtitles] More Planet Sheen 5:30am Planet Sheen When Nesmith loses his ability to speak, Sheen must save the planet by the power of ventriloquism in 'Nesmith is Spoken For', and in 'Feeling Roovy', Sheen helps Aseefa get her Roove back. [subtitles] More Planet Sheen