Cameron is a straight-A student, teacher’s pet, and an all-around goody two-shoes. So naturally most of the other kids think he’s a big pain in the butt. As Student Prefect he’s in charge of making sure all WITS and Guardians follow the Academy rulebook – to the letter!


Would you be a Guardian or a Witch?
  1. Guardian
  2. Witch


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WITS Academy

WITS Academy

Now a Guardian in training at WITS Academy, the Magic Realm's most esteemed school for Witches and Wizards in Training, it seems like Andi’s dream has finally come true. But as the best friend and unofficial Guardian to the Chosen One, she’ll have to work hard to prove that she can live up to expectations as the first (and only) human Guardian. Plus, she’s in charge of getting the Magical Realm’s toughest witch and wizard to graduation day, one of which is Jax's little sister Jessie! Along the way she’ll have to decide who is a friend, who is a foe and who may be more…