Meet Vinnie, the ultimate man-boy! When he's not tending to his pop culture memorabilia business, you can find him playing video games, reading comic books, and eating junk food. Sure, he is Wendell's uncle and now legal guardian, but there's no denying who the true kid really is. Vinnie has a thing or two to learn about raising a kid, but Wendell just may be the perfect teacher!


What sport should Wendell try out for?
  1. Swimming
  2. Football
  3. Cheerleading
  4. Competitive Baking
    Competitive Baking


Meet the Characters
Wendell & Vinnie

Wendell & Vinnie

Vinnie is just living the dream! He's the owner of a pop culture memorabilia store, has an awesome pad in LA, and doesn't have a care in the world. After a sudden twist of events, Vinnie finds himself as the legal guardian of his wise-beyond-his-years nephew, Wendell. With a little help from Vinnie's sister, Wilma and next door neighbor Taryn, Vinnie gets the hang of being a parent. At the same time, Wendell could just be the parent Vinnie needs!