Ray Preston

Ray Preston

You can't get a cooler ghoul than Ray Preston, he's a jazz musician after all! This ghost dad is super protective over his two sons, but still wants them to get along with the living. When you want the best for your kids, the Hathaways may be just what the doctor ordered.


Which is your favourite Nick prank?
  1. Caramel Onion
    Caramel Onion
  2. Mashed Potato Sundae
    Mashed Potato Sundae
  3. Crispo
  4. Mayo Donut Holes
    Mayo Donut Holes


Meet the Characters
The Haunted Hathaways

The Haunted Hathaways

In this show, fantasy meets family, kooky meets spooky, and the Hathaway family meets... ghosts? After being uprooted from New York to New Orleans, sisters Taylor and Frankie, along with their mother Michelle, were ready to just get back to their normal lives in their new home, but little did they know that a family of ghosts had the same idea! Can the ghostly Prestons get used to living with the living? Or will Louie, Miles and Ray scare the Hathaways away? How will these two families, literally from different worlds, live in haunted harmony?