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Nick Mystery Mansion Nick Mystery Mansion Get the ghosts and ghouls! Goo Lagoon Goo Lagoon Get Goo-ing and pop the bubbles! New levels unlocked each week! Bikini Bottom Bop Em Bikini Bottom Bop Em Can you keep up? Squarepants Mysteries Squarepants Mysteries Can you solve the mystery? Hardest Game Ever Hardest Game Ever Bounce back the blocks! Plankton's Patty Plunder Plankton's Patty Plunder Get Plankton from A to B! You're Fired You're Fired Don't get sacked flipping burgers! Marble Bash Marble Bash Get ready to bash those marbles! Lights Out Patrick Lights Out Patrick Don't wake up Patrick Return To Monster Island Return To Monster Island SpongeBob has unfinished business on Monster Island! Bubble Football Bubble Football Score goals and lift trophies! Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants! Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants! Do you wanna be the guy? Slammin Sluggers Slammin Sluggers Play baseball with SpongeBob! Sandy's Shrubbery Takedown Sandy's Shrubbery Takedown Destroy those acrons! Tightey Whitey Tumble Tightey Whitey Tumble Fling SpongeBob by his pants! Hello Bikini Bottom Hello Bikini Bottom Hit the notes to rock out! Elbow Grease Scrubdown Elbow Grease Scrubdown Clean up after Patrick. Castle Challenge Castle Challenge Defendeth thine castle from thouest bad guys! Chop Chef Chop Chef Chop the food! Colossal Chaos Colossal Chaos Dodge the falling balls and collect the cups! Oh Snap! Road Trip! Oh Snap! Road Trip! Capture the funniest and craziest holiday snapshots! Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Help SpongeBob do his spring cleaning! Type Rider Type Rider Find the correct keys! Pile the prize Pile the prize Pile the trophies! Bags Away Bags Away Dodge Plankton's luggage! Showtime Squirrel Showtime Squirrel Don't let the photographers see Sandy Cheeks! Mystery Train Mystery Train Find the krabby secret! Krusty Cashier Krusty Cashier Count the Krusty cash! Robo Shot Robo Shot Destroy the robots! Spotless Sponge Spotless Sponge Clean up after SpongeBob's soak! Monster Island Monster Island Run away from the monster! Jelly Piper Jelly Piper Catch all the jellyfish! Nick Dodgers Nick Dodgers It's T.U.F.F. against SpongeBob! Play dodgeball! Fang in There Fang in There Don't let Patrick catch you! Gary's Crush Gary's Crush Help Gary win over his crush! Classroom Cupid Classroom Cupid Deliver all the Bikini Bottom love letters! The Quickster The Quickster Avoid the hot lava! Pizza Perfect Pizza Perfect Help SpongeBob make the pizza's perfect! I Love SpongeBob I Love SpongeBob Feel the Bikini Bottom love for SpongeBob! Gary's Break Gary's Break Help Gary get the food Pro Sk8r Pro Sk8r Show your sk8r skills! MadBob WarriorPants MadBob WarriorPants Dodge the bad guys! Gary's Revenge Gary's Revenge Help Gary get revenge! Ghoul Getter Ghoul Getter Help SpongeBob catch ghouls FrankenPatrick FrankenPatrick Don't wake up FrankenPatrick! Dark Abyss Dark Abyss Don't get lost in the dark abyss! A Log Way From Home A Log Way From Home Collect coins and bubbles, and save SpongeBob and Patrick! SpongeBob Bubble Bros. SpongeBob Bubble Bros. Blow bubbles to win Boat-o-Cross 2 Boat-o-Cross 2 Help SpongeBob drive his boat through Bikini Bottom Nick Racers Revolution 3D Nick Racers Revolution 3D Race as your favourite Nick characters: Collect ups to gain an advantage. Coral Climb Coral Climb Guide SpongeBob through the labyrinth of Coral Springs. Bubble Blast Bubble Blast Help Patrick avoid the cave dwellers Camping Chaos Camping Chaos Save SpongeBob & Patrick from a Sea Bear attack Pernicious Plot Pernicious Plot Find Plankton's Hypno-Pods SpongeBob Snowpants SpongeBob Snowpants Help SpongeBob make a giant snowball Poop Deck Draw Down Poop Deck Draw Down Take on SpongeBob at his own card game Hooked on You Hooked on You Help SpongeBob avoid the hooks and rescue Patrick B.C. Bowling B.C. Bowling Go bowling with prehistoric SpongeBob Anchovy Assault Anchovy Assault Help SpongeBob boot an anchovy army out of the Krusty Krab Dastardly Dirty Treats Dastardly Dirty Treats Help SpongeBob avoid the evil sweets Makes Cents Makes Cents Fill Mr. Krabs money jar by matching up colours Boat o Cross Boat o Cross Help SpongeBob drive his boat through Bikini Bottom Gas Blast Gas Blast Toot your way through the Chum Caverns Know Your Nemesis Know Your Nemesis Underdogs unite and kick some bully butt Bikini Bottom Blaster Bikini Bottom Blaster Stop Plankton's undersea onslaught Trail of the Snail Trail of the Snail Help SpongeBob find his most-beloved mollusk Avalanche at Planktons Peak Avalanche at Planktons Peak SpongeBob's in a mountain of trouble and only you can help Pest Of The West Showdown Pest Of The West Showdown Hop on your sea horse and get ready for a deep sea showdown Plankton's Fun House Plankton's Fun House Build/ post and play your own levels in this SpongeBob game Dunces and Dragons Dunces and Dragons Medieval madness! Joust about with SpongeBob and pals Friend Or Foe - Trash Bash Friend Or Foe - Trash Bash Help Krabs and Plankton rescue the Krabby Patty recipe Patty Panic Patty Panic Cook up some arcade action and thwart Plankton's goons Reef Rumble Reef Rumble Square off with the citizens of Bikini Bottom in this sea-bottom battle The Big One The Big One Help SpongeBob perform surfing tricks Truth or Square Truth or Square Match up pieces of your favourite SpongeBob characters Viking Hiking Viking Hiking Help SpongeBob climb his way to the Great Viking Hall The Race to Goo Lagoon The Race to Goo Lagoon Play as SpongeBob or Patrick in this Goo-y board game Ice to Heat you Ice to Heat you Nickelodeon characters have been frozen/ it's your job to save them No Train, No Gain No Train, No Gain Catch train robber anchovies using horseshoes Deep Sea Surgeon Deep Sea Surgeon Show off your surgeon skills in this undersea operation Sand Castle Hassle Sand Castle Hassle Stop Patrick from invading SpongeBob's massive sand castle Sponge Stacker Sponge Stacker Build a stack of SpongeBob clones to rescue Gary Where's Gary? Where's Gary? Can you spot Gary? Dirty Bubble Busters Dirty Bubble Busters Help SpongeBob rid Bikini Bottom of unrecycled rubbish Jelly Jumpin' Jamboree Jelly Jumpin' Jamboree Who knew jellyfish were so helpful? Walks Da Plank Walks Da Plank Help SpongeBob avoid perilous planks Robot Ruckus Robot Ruckus Help SpongeBob battle enemy robots Ghost Slayer Ghost Slayer Ghouls are no match for SpongeBob the Ghost Slayer WhoBob WhatPants WhoBob WhatPants Help SpongeBob burst some really nasty bubbles Fiery Tracks of Fury Fiery Tracks of Fury Ready? Set? Hang on tight! Demolition Sponge Demolition Sponge The problem? Jellyfish. The solution? SpongeBob! Pyramid Peril Pyramid Peril Hop/ skip and jump SpongeBob to safety Stinky Swagger Stinky Swagger SpongeBob's breath is downright deadly in this game Soccer Shootout Soccer Shootout Score penalty kicks against Patrick SockenGarten Saga SockenGarten Saga Help the vikings get their socks on Belly Bounce Belly Bounce Jump for joy in this SpongeBob game InvasiVoyage InvasiVoyage Squidward has swallowed some clarinet reeds and needs your help Sea Monster Smoosh Sea Monster Smoosh Help SpongeBob flush out some undersea monstrosities Love Hurts Love Hurts Feel the fury of a Patrick scorned Kahrahty Kahrahty Spar with SpongeBob and Sandy in this kooky karate game Shrubbery Shakedown Shrubbery Shakedown Help Sandy shoot down acorns from her tree Deep Sea Smashout Deep Sea Smashout Help SpongeBob and Gary smash their way off the sea floor Roundpants Runaround Roundpants Runaround Collect square pants/ avoid round pants...it's that simple Pool Party Pooper Pool Party Pooper Feed the anchovies before Patrick poops the pool party Bubble Bust Up Bubble Bust Up Show the thugs at the Thug Tug who's boss by bustin' bubbles Sea Stampede Sea Stampede Dodge marauding plankton in this game Dutchman's Deck Dash Dutchman's Deck Dash Dash off the Dutchman's deck in this mini-game Dancing Tentacles Dancing Tentacles Save Squidward from humiliation Sandy Chop Chop Sandy Chop Chop Help Sandy chop acorns Bubble Blower Bubble Blower Help Patrick keep the biggest bubble ever from popping Kash Krab Kash Krab Help Krabs grab some money in this game Best Day Ever Best Day Ever Help SpongeBob stage the greatest show on the sea floor Carnival Carnival Play games galore at an undersea party Pizza Toss Pizza Toss Help SpongeBob deliver pipin' hot pizza or Mr Krabs will be one cranky crustacean Invasion of the Patty Snatchers Invasion of the Patty Snatchers Grab your spatula/ ketchup and spork and protect the secret recipe Krab-O-Matic Krab-O-Matic Keep Plankton away from the precious Patties Ship O Gouls Ship O Gouls Help SpongeBob escape the haunted Flying Dutchman Bikini Bottom Bust Up Bikini Bottom Bust Up Slug your way through the the Bikini Bottom Ka-ra-te Championships Delivery Dilemma Delivery Dilemma Help SpongeBob make it to the Krusty Krab in one piece Bus Rush Bus Rush Get to Atlantis before you run out of songs to fuel the bus Boo or Boom Boo or Boom Help destroy Plankton's plan to ruin Halloween Spitwad Showdown Spitwad Showdown Join the greatest undersea spitwad battle of all time Gary's Crush Gary's Crush Help Gary win over his crush! Classroom Cupid Classroom Cupid Deliver all the Bikini Bottom love letters! I Love SpongeBob I Love SpongeBob Feel the Bikini Bottom love for SpongeBob! Egg and Spoon Chase Egg and Spoon Chase Protect the Egg from the evil villain, Plankton! It's A SpongeBob Christmas It's A SpongeBob Christmas Give out the right gifts to keep the kids happy! Gifts A Go Go Gifts A Go Go Give out the right gifts to keep the kids happy!
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