Safer Internet Day 2017

Safer Internet Tips

As it's Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February we enlisted Jordan and Perri, members of dance group Diversity and our Nick hosts, to help us spread the word about staying safe online.  Check out their videos full of useful tips here and here.

You can also test how safe you are online by taking Jordan and Perri's Safer Internet Quiz.

Have fun online, but be sure to keep yourself safe too!

Whether you share photos, blog, play games, watch videos or anything else, follow a few basic rules to keep yourself safe whenever and wherever you go online. This includes when you connect with your computer, your tablet, your mobile and your games console.

Always try to keep your personal information private, be careful what you accept or share online, never arrange to meet online contacts in the real world unless you are sure that you know them and make sure that you tell a trusted adult if things go wrong or make you feel uncomfortable when you are surfing the web.

For more tips about your safety online visit the Safer Internet Day website.
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