Tech-savvy and a talented musician, Lawrence is a pro on the piano. Talking to girls? Not so much. He has a hard time playing it cool and sometimes creates more problems than he solves, but his heart is in the right place! Lawrence isn’t the smoothest kid in class, but if you need an awesome light show or a killer keyboardist, he’s your guy.


What instrument would you play?
  1. Drums
  2. Guitar
  3. Triangle


Meet the Characters
School of Rock

School of Rock

Now that they’ve won Battle of the Bands, the students of William B. Travis Prep School are excited to keep making head-banging beats, recording awesome songs and finally get their music out there. But there’s just one problem: the band still has to remain a total secret! School of Rock must figure out a way to rock out AND stay under the radar. And as if that wasn't hard enough, nosy principals and new faces in school just might shake up the band permanently. But with Mr. Finn’s help, the kids will learn that working together is what makes their school totally ROCK!