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Nobody can stop Sanjay's excitement and curiosity about the world -- not even himself!

He can be clumsy and isn't always equipped for the situation at hand, but he doesn't know the meaning of the words 'uncool' or 'impossible.'

This 12-year-old is a definite charmer, which is handy when your best friend is a snake.



Ever since their chance meeting in a pet store, talking snake Craig and Sanjay have been the best of friends.

Craig is convinced he's the coolest guy (err, snake) around, and he tends to exaggerate when he gets excited.

He's also a master of disguise and can turn into pretty much anything, including a human! But shhh!! Only Sanjay and his closest friends know Craig's secret.



Vijay is Sanjay’s inventor father and runs The Close-Out Blow-Out Depot. Although there isn’t much demand from Vijay’s crazy inventions, he never lets it get to him.

The big dreamer, Vijay, always keeps his chin up and keeps plugging away.



Remington Tufflips may be a washed up action movie star from the '80s but he's the #1 awesome-est guy EVER, according to Sanjay and Craig.

Tufflips plays it cool all the time and is the ultimate inspiration for these two best friends, even if he can never remember their names.



Meet Megan Sparkles (a.k.a. Little Miss Lactose Intolerant, Little Miss Adopt-A-Highway, Little Miss Mixed Martial Arts, etc).

She's the smart, enthusiastic, and adorable pageant winner who can get carried away at times, but loves helping (and annoying) Sanjay and Craig. Maybe her pageant skills can even help her win Sanjay's heart!



Like the capsicum, Belle Pepper is sweet, smart and hot which is the reason Sanjay is head over heels for her.

This flower child is not afraid of anything, including Snakes and takes every opportunity she can to pet Craig.



Hector is the friend Sanjay and Craig are always happy to see... at least until he gets annoying. He's a fun-loving goofball and a bit dopey, but extremely brawny and loyal.

He believes his eyepatch makes his other senses "superhero" sharp, and always has a quirky new nickname for the group, like "CraigForce 4."



Mr Noodman is Sanjay and Craig’s irritating and uptight next door neighbour.

Noodman has an intense fear of snakes which means he’ll take any opportunity he can to rid the world of Craig and other slithery types.



Darlene Patel is the greatest mum a boy could ever have! As an E.R. Doctor she has to see some of the weirder in life during her job, whether it be a butt transplant or something equally outlandish, she’ll never hesitate to share the gory details with her son Sanjay.

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