Monster is the eternal optimist, living by the motto that "good things happen to good people," and that all people are good. An extremely outgoing Organic, Monster is endlessly fascinated by the little things in life. He's driven by the need to make everybody happy, and the need to explore the "shiny thing." But because of his child-like fascination with the world, Monster is easy to fool. Unlike his best friend Robot, Monster feels like everything always goes his way, even when it doesn't. This makes him a great guy to have around!


Which invention is better?
  1. Robot's Laser-Guided Pop-Bacon
    Robot's Laser-Guided Pop-Bacon
  2. Monster's Head Scratcher
    Monster's Head Scratcher


Meet the Characters
Robot And Monster

Robot And Monster

In a world where robots and monsters live side-by-side, phones are mysterious and everybody loves bacon, you'll find the unlikely duo of Robot, a self-proclaimed genius and Monster, who thinks all people are good.