Mom Liz

Mom Liz

Marvin can always count on his Mom Liz to be the voice of reason and have his best interest in mind. After raising two kids of her own (Teri and Henry), she's pretty much seen it all. Still, Marvin's naivety keeps her on her toes, though her good sense of humor makes the perfect earthly recipe for looking after this super clumsy teenage alien.


What should Marvin freeze?
  1. A grumpy dog
    A grumpy dog
  2. His mailman
    His mailman
  3. His homework
    His homework


Meet the Characters
Marvin Marvin

Marvin Marvin

Prepare to meet the world's first known Klootonian alien - Marvin Marvin! While he may look like your average teenager, that's just about where the similarities end. After his home planet was invaded by evil Klerg agents, Marvin's parents sent him off to Earth, where he was taken in by the Forman family. Now Marvin must learn to "fit in" in a world where being normal takes on a whole new life form. That means no special powers, no happy floating and definitely NO talking to animals. Lucky for him, he can count on his newly adopted family to show him the ropes and look after him. Though it may take them some getting used to, at least Marvin won't have to worry about finding true acceptance light-years away.