An amazing DJ and musical genius, Caleb thinks faster than he can speak. So, he gets ahead of himself a lot. He’s totally into his girlfriend and former band mate Jodi, but things are about to get much more complicated for Jaleb.


What's your fave Nick game
  1. Fetch
  2. Make A Scene
    Make A Scene
  3. Mega Mutant Battle
    Mega Mutant Battle
  4. QuestPants 3
    QuestPants 3


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Make It Pop

Make It Pop

What do an aspiring pop diva, a fashionista and a book worm have in common? Music! Well, sort of.

The new year's bringing new drama at MacKendrick Prep. The hit pop group XO-IQ has broken up and the girls have gone their separate ways. With Jodi and Corki busy exploring other interests, it looks like the band might be done for good. But Sun Hi hasn't given up her dream of stardom! When new faces join the stage, fevers will rise and sparks will fly.

Get ready for new battles, new music and new boys. No matter what happens, you can't stop the pop!