Which of these KCA slimings was your ultimate fave?
  1. Pharrell
  2. Austin and Cody
    Austin and Cody
  3. Mark


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Kids' Choice Awards

Kids' Choice Awards

Kids' Choice Awards 2016 was the biggest, awesomest, slimiest show yet! It had everything:

Grant Gustin trading in the Flash for the 'Stache!

The most Throwback Thursday you've ever seen

A performance from Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. Can't wait 'til we see them again

A popcorn dump! What's a popcorn dump? Take a look!

DNCE getting pranked by…well, you'll find out.

Our newest slime delivery system -- slime soakers

Not to mention Blimps on Blimps, an all-star celebrity guest list and more slime than you can handle! Check out the best moments here
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