The J in Jerome must stand for joker. Everyone at Anubis House should be on guard when Jerome is up to something, because he loves to stir up trouble. This may not make him a great buddy to have, his trickiness could come in handy when it comes time to sneak around the Anubis House. But it could also spell betrayal for his unsuspecting schoolmates. Watch out Anubis housemates.


Which House of Anubis star is your fave?
  1. Burkely Duffield
    Burkely Duffield
  2. Alex Sawyer
    Alex Sawyer
  3. Brad Kavanagh
    Brad Kavanagh


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House of Anubis

House of Anubis

The Anubis house may look like your average boarding school dormitory, but the mysteries lurking in its curious corridors tell a totally different story! From new kids in school, to missing students, secret powers and ancient Egyptian curses, these students have a whole lot of adventure headed their way. Good thing they started the secret group, Sibuna, to crack the codes! Well, as long as house caretaker Victor doesn't find out first.