Henry Danger Special

Space Invaders!

Easter may have finished and it's back to school... but there's a Henry Danger special coming out TODAY!! Make sure to tune in at 4:30pm on Nick to watch!

It's the very first episode set in Space! That's right Henry Danger is now intergalatic! Have you seen any of our sneak peeks this week? Watch them again now if you just can't wait: 

The Love Shuttle
Piper's TV Commercial
Bunny Hop
Truth or Dare

It's full of hilarious, jaw-dropping moments so don't miss out! Our fave quote is:

'Welcome aboard The Love Shuttle: Schwoz and wooomans name'  Yup, that's Henry and Ray in a love shuttle. You're probably wondering how they ended up there... not long to wait now!

If you miss it today, don't worry! Make sure to tune in next week and watch only on Nick!

What did you think of the Space Invaders Special? Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget to check out the Henry Danger page right here for more videosquizzes and games!

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