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Scary Godparents Scary Godparents Open the lockers! Sparky's Ball Bounce Sparky's Ball Bounce Bounce the ball. Dragon Drop Dragon Drop Save yourself from the dragon! Fairly Odd Farm Fairly Odd Farm Help Timmy's parents grow crops with the power of super seeds Cleft vs. The Thingamajigs Cleft vs. The Thingamajigs Help Cleft stop an onslaught of thingamajigs Guts 'n Glory Guts 'n Glory Help a shrunken Timmy escape from Pappy's icky insides Fairies of Fury Fairies of Fury Think you have what it takes to weather the storm of Timmy Turner? Fowl Play Fowl Play Go for the gold in the Fairly World Games Jimmy Timmy Shirley's Revenge Jimmy Timmy Shirley's Revenge Help Jimmy and Timmy stop a rampaging robot Break A Wish Break A Wish Help Timmy break through the pixie blocks Battle of the Futurebots Battle of the Futurebots Help Timmy build a robot and rescue Cosmo and Wanda Big SuperHero Wish Big SuperHero Wish Zap some supervillains and rid Timmy's town of evil Jimmy Timmy Co-Pilot Chaos Jimmy Timmy Co-Pilot Chaos Help Jimmy and Timmy rescue Dimmsdale from a curse of eternal bad luck Shear Madness Shear Madness Save Timmy's hair from the clippers Yugopotamia Mania Yugopotamia Mania Help Timmy fight an alien invasion Destroy Earth! (Or Not) Destroy Earth! (Or Not) Stop invading aliens with their diabolical plans Showdown at Santa's Showdown at Santa's Stop the holidays from ruining Christmas Jingle Bell Jump Jingle Bell Jump Help Timmy leap to the top of the heap of presents in this game Energy Beat Breakdown Energy Beat Breakdown Beat energy wasters in this Fairly Odd Parents Big Green Thing game Fairly Odd Academy Fairly Odd Academy Graduate from the Fairly Odd Academy with Cosmo Rhythm Revolution Rhythm Revolution Be quick on the click and save Dimsdale from boredom Know Your Nemesis Know Your Nemesis Underdogs unite and kick some bully butt Whoa Baby! Whoa Baby! Dimsdale is expecting a special delivery! Play to find out who...or what...it is
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