Maddie Van Pelt

Maddie Van Pelt

She's the leader of the Panthers, the queen of pink smoothies, the most popular girl in school and a witch! Maddie may have put her "boyfriend stealing" feud with Emma aside now that she and Diego are an item, but their magical rivalry rages on! She's got a temper so hot, not even Kanay powers can cool it down.


What's your EWW hobby?
  1. Scrapbooking
  2. Swimming
  3. Pranking
  4. Making smoothies
    Making smoothies


Meet the Characters
Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way

Think you know Every Witch Way? Think again! After standing up to the Witches Council, Emma Alonso is more powerful than ever before. She's taking charge as The Chosen One and pushing the limits. Friendships will be tested, enemies will be made and the Magic Realm will be changed forever. The stakes are higher than ever before-- get ready for a whole new level of drama in the final season of Every Witch Way!