SwaySway comes from a long line of Breadwinners, and is now proud to carry on the family tradition of getting bread UP IN YO BEAK! He's not the best driver... but even when the Rocket Van is busted up and their bread is totally toast, SwaySway is still the most optimistic duck around!

Favorite Move: PARTY PUNCH

Best Friend: Buhdeuce


What is your favourite song?
  1. Big Baby Buns
    Big Baby Buns
  2. Eat Beat Steal
    Eat Beat Steal
  3. Jenny Quakles
    Jenny Quakles
  4. Seen a lot of bread
    Seen a lot of bread


Meet the Characters


Do you like riDUCKulous adventures? Sway Sway and Buhdeuce are a couple of super cool Breadwinners with a love for all loaves! These two quazy ducks fly a rocket van from the west to the yeast of Pondgea, making sure everyone gets some bread up in their beak. Yip-yip!

Even though they're always working, these ducks make sure to have 24/7 fun. They have to watch their tails, though... there are monsters with three butt-cheeks around EVERY corner.

Most importantly, these ducks deliver all the loaves with no leftovers! Just remember: no matter the challenge, no matter what, they always deliver and never give up! Hold on to your tail feathers and get ready for some QUAZY adventures.