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Kids are at the heart of Nickelodeon. Understanding kids & their families’ needs informs everything we do. Nick loves research. It is vital to us understanding our audience and maintaining a dialogue with our viewers. Nickelodeon UK has a significant programme of ongoing qualitative and quantitative consumer research.

UK Kids’ and Family Panel

At Nickelodeon we have a nationally representative online panel of nearly 2,000 UK kids and families, which we use to maintain a constant dialogue with our audience.

UK Kids and Family In Focus Groups

We are trained moderators and run our own kids and family focus groups regularly.

We Love Family Research

New ways to consume media and communicate, the uncertain economic outlook, and changing attitudes to parenting are all having a profound impact on UK family life.

We heart Family is a presentation of our latest insights from recent studies that gets right to the heart of what it’s like to be a UK family today. We explore the new family model, the ‘glue’ that binds families together, shared purchasing decisions, kids’ hopes and dreams vs. parents’ aspirations, as well as the impact of new technology and the recession on family life.

Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS

Nickelodeon’s research in the UK is part of a global drive to understand kids and families.

Understanding today’s families is the primary goal for Nickelodeon research teams around the world. Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS is the ongoing, global research effort comprised of multiple local, regional and international research projects giving us a global point of view on family.

Recent studies include:

Family dynamics, play and purchasing behaviour.


For more information on past studies, upcoming projects or to obtain a copy of our new
We heart Family research please contact:

John Conlon

Senior Director, Nickelodeon UK Research & Insights

Alison York

Insight Manager, Nickelodeon UK Research & Insights

Antonia Bridge

PA, Senior Director, Nickelodeon UK Research & Insights

Telephone: +44 (0)203 580 3085