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TV is brilliant, isn't it? But if you can't see the pictures, or can't hear the sound, it might not seem quite so great. Luckily, there's something we can do about that, with some secret tricks you might not know about. Grown-ups call them 'Access Services', but we like to think of them as turbo-boosts for your telly. Nickelodeon offers two kinds of access services:


If you can't hear what's happening on a TV programme, or if you just want to watch TV with the sound off, subtitles have got you covered. They make sure that whenever someone says anything, or if there's a noise that might be important, you can see it written on your screen.

At Nickelodeon, we put subtitles on every single programme, every single day.

You can turn subtitles on or off at any time - you only see them if you want them. On Sky you can press the HELP button to turn them on for a little while, or the 'Settings' menu is where you can turn them on all the time for everything.

On Virgin you can press the BLUE button, and if you watch TV some other way, it's probably on a button marked 'SUBTITLES' or 'SUB' or something like that. You can ask your parents if you're not sure - and if your parents aren't sure either, they can call your TV provider, who will definitely know the answer.

Audio Description

Audio Description is like the complete opposite of subtitles. You can hear what the people are saying, but if you can't see the pictures, you might not get the whole story. That's where audio description comes in, turbo-charging your telly with an extra voice that'll jump in and let you know if there's anything really visual going on that you need to know about.

Audio Description is still pretty new - it hasn't been around as long as subtitles have - so at the moment not every programme has it. We're working hard to get it on loads more programmes in the future, but at the moment you can hear it on shows like Sam and Cat, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Peppa Pig.

Audio Description can be turned on and off - it's there if you want it, and not if you don't. Unless you turn it on by mistake, of course! (Grown-ups do that all the time, so you might need to help them out if they get confused.)

If you're watching on Sky, you can turn audio description on or off by pressing the HELP button. It's different on other TV services, so ask your parents or get them to call your TV provider for more details.

On Demand

Subtitles and Audio Description are easiest to find- on our live TV channels, but some TV services also offer 'On Demand' or 'Catch-Up' services where you can choose one of our programmes and start watching it straight away. Because this is different to live TV, the access services you can get here will depend on your TV provider.

If you have Sky, then you can get subtitles on almost every single one of our on-demand programmes! It's the same if you've got BT TV, where you can also get Audio Description on some shows too.

Other TV platforms might not be able to provide subtitles or Audio Description on our on-demand programmes at the moment. We hope that'll change in the future - because we've got tons of programmes ready to go!

Need more help?

If you've got questions about our subtitles, audio description, or just about anything to do with anything, you can email us at:


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